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Rental Management

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    Tenant Screening - Most problems that arise in property management can be prevented with proper tenant selection. Our tenant screening process is rigorous. It includes investigation of an applicant's history with existing and previous landlords, verification of income, employer references, bank references and bank deposits; ordering and evaluating a comprehensive credit report, an eviction history report and criminal history report; and, of course, interviewing the applicant. We look for long-term tenants with strong references.

    Rental Agreements & Leases - Other avoidable problems that arise in property management are due to poor communication with tenants and improper documentation. Our rental agreements and leases are comprehensive and are revised as necessary to respond to new issues.

    Property Inspections – Preferred Management balances the tenant's right to privacy with the owner's right to know that the property is being properly cared for. We conduct drive-by inspections and periodic interior inspections by appointment with the tenant. The results of these inspections are documented by a written Inspection Report.

    Monthly Statements - Our clients receive a monthly statement clearly showing the income and expenses for the month and a year-to-date summary. Payments of all costs you specify are included as part of our service, and are reflected on your monthly statement.

    Skilled Staff - The staff at Preferred Management is trained to handle your calls and those of our tenants. In the event of an emergency, we are able to respond promptly. For repairs, we retain the services of skilled professionals who are reliable, know their trades well and charge reasonable rates.


    Tenant Placement – Interested in managing your own property, but need assistance in finding and screening a tenant? Then our tenant placement service may be for you. We will find a qualified tenant and will check their landlord references, credit history, employment, income verification, criminal history and eviction history. We will then have the tenant sign a professional quality lease and will provide the tenant with all of the legally required disclosures. We will also collect the rent and security deposit in the form of a cashier’s check, for your protection. Out of the money we collect from the tenant, we will pay our fee. You then take over all dealings with the tenant with the confidence of knowing that they have been thoroughly screened.

    Property Sales- Our knowledge of the investment market makes us ideally suited to help you sell investment real estate. We know how to effectively deal with your current renters from keeping them notified of upcoming showings to answering questions about their lease after the property is sold. It could be one of our current investors may be interested in purchasing your property. Rest assured when listing with us we will use our 20+ years experience to sell your property or if you are looking for property to buy we are the ones you want on your side, because we know the business.


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